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About Upsynergy

Upsynergy Working Group / Team Here at Upsynergy, our team is comprised of five entrepreneurs, with a combined age of over 50 years. With so many years under our belts, we have a handful of experiences. Like the classic elements - water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder, we each come from different backgrounds of expertise, but we work cohesively as a team. Our team members have worked in finance, BD & sales, product & IT, and production & operation. With these fruitful experiences, we are able to apply our knowledge and work together on the grounds appreciation and sharing.

Inspired by the fast paced momentum of the Silicon Valley, we believe never trying = never knowing. Classic, you never know until you try. Any attempt, even proven unsuccessful, gives opportunity to reflect and improve from that failed attempt. We are always striving to move forward, to develop new and creative ideas that will benefit the public. With a structured work ethic and positive mindset, anything is possible.

We strongly believe in being humble and constantly seeking improvement. To provide the best product and service to our customers, we strive to create the best possible product. Together as a team, we brainstorm ideas and adjust to make progress. There is no specific recipe for success, but with hard work and team effort, that ultimate goal can be reached.

Jason Cheng


Simon Ding

VP of Operations

Peter Holmes

VP of Sales & Marketing

Winnie Ding

Campaign & Social Media Manager