Our Services

Upsynergy provides a gateway for Asian manufacturers to market their products in the United States.

510(k) Service & ISO 13485 Factory Referral

The United States government upholds strict importing regulations. In order to sell these products legally in the United States, we submit a 510(k) to the FDA to demonstrate the product is safe and effective for sale. In this submission, we provide device description, indications of use, etc. so the FDA can give clearance, allowing proper marketing and distribution of the product. (include medical)

Upsynergy also provides referrals to foreign companies. With the ISO 13485 registration, this gives the company more credibility and that it is adhering to the safety rules and regulations. The ISO 13485 focuses on risk management and constant improvement to produce safe products. Not only will this promote a positive image, but also boost competitiveness in the market.

China Social Network Interaction

Our company works to form a bridge between China and America’s economies. We reach out to clients in China and invest in products we believe the American market needs. Many innovative ideas have not been given exposure, but we want to provide the marketing grounds for these products.

USA Crowdfunding & New Media Marketing

Once the products are approved, our next step is to launch a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is a business method to raise money through the efforts of individual investors. Contrary to traditional business finance, we are able to spread the ideas much more quickly and widely via the Internet. We utilize numerous of platforms to gain attention. New media marketing also allows for us to directly interact with interested parties. They can ask questions and perhaps drive us in the right campaign. With this method, we consistently have the opportunity to fine tune and improve these products to meet the needs of consumers.